Patti O. — Washington
(Oct-Dec 2015 refund $124)

Denise F. — New Jersey
(Jul-Sept 2015 refund $69)

Monique W. — New Jersey
(Apr-Jun 2015 refund $69)

Darren M. — Pennsylvania
(Jan-Mar 2015 refund $89)

Rhonda S. — Idaho
(Oct-Dec 2014 refund $224)

Mary L. — Oregon
(Jul-Sept 2014 refund $74)

Catherine D. — Minnesota
(Apr-Jun 2014 refund $69)

Deborah S. — Massachusetts
(Jan-Mar 2014 refund $69)

Maryangela G. — New York
(Oct-Dec 2013 refund $109)

Sarah L. — Wisconsin
(Jul-Sept 2013 refund $69)

Michael S. — Washington
(Apr-Jun 2013 refund $133)

Lori N. — Florida
(Jan-Mar 2013 refund $74)

Dayna A. — N. Carolina
(Oct-Dec 2012 refund $69)

Julie K. — Indiana
(Jul-Sept 2012 refund $69)

Colleen L. — N. Carolina
(Apr-Jun 2012 refund $69)

Eligibility rules for getting your belt rack order REFUNDED!

1. Each quarter ending March, June, Sept, Dec, all orders placed during that 3 month period will be eligible for a full refund of their purchase, including the shipping.

2. Orders for a given quarter (3 month period) will be placed in a spreadsheet and a number will be randomly drawn. The order corresponding to that number in the spreadsheet will have their money refunded.

3. Any item(s) ordered on this website is eligible for winning the refund prize. That includes any non-belt rack item such as the medal display and/or any future items that may be offered.

4. All orders regardless of the size of the order will be automatically entered in the drawing.

5. Refund will either be issued by a refund through PayPal or a check mailed to the winner at the discretion of Jeja, LLC.

6. Odds of winning will vary and are dependent upon the number of orders received during the quarter.

7. Jeja, LLC reserves the right to change the promotion at any time. All orders placed before any rule changes will be entered into the drawing using the previous rules.

8. Jeja, LLC reserves the right to end the promotion at any time for any reason without advance notice. All orders placed before the end of the promotion will be entered into the final drawing for the refund.