My belt rack arrived today! You have no idea how anxious I had been all day to receive the package! It is finally here! and I cannot thank you enough for creating such an amazing art piece! It is indeed a breathtaking piece of art and I am incredibly excited to have finally received it! Like I told you before, I will give this away as a gift. I am giving this gift to my friend who is a Taekwondo instructor. I am sure the parents of his students will be more than happy to purchase your belt racks!  I will definitely pass out your flyers around!  
Thank you again very much for your wonderful work!!

– Griscel S

The belt rack was here when I got home from taking David Allen to his Tae Kwon Do lesson. I just got a chance to look at it. It’s gorgeous, beyond my expectations. The photos don’t do them justice. I just wanted you to know how happy we are with the quality and workmanship of the belt holder. It’s a very special gift, I know our son will love it. I’ll be sure to recommend you to other parents.

– Tammy H. (Virginia)

I have intended for some time to thank you for the Taekwondo belt rack we ordered for our Grandson. He was really pleased with this rack and immediately put his belts on it.

– Joanne H (Ohio)

Dear Mr. Nelson,
Thank you for providing a great product! We received the first belt rack we ordered and was very impressed. Be prepared for more orders after the new year!

Bowing While Typing,

– Erin B. :) (Oregon)

Thanks Blake, you the man.

– Mike (California)

A friend at Tae Kwon Do ordered one for her son and was very pleased with it. We are really glad we found your company.

– David (Virginia)

Thank you very much Blake, you have been very helpful and accommodating.

– Tracy (Illinois)

Thank you so much for getting the belt racks to us in such a timely manner. They fit all 12 belts perfectly and showcased them in such a unique way

– Kris B

I received the belt rack today and it is awesome!

– Andi P

THANK YOU!!!! Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! And I have recommended you to my son’s entire Karate class. You should see some additional orders from Charleston roll in soon!

– James B

Thank you – your work looks beautiful! I am very excited to have found your site! This will be something my son will cherish forever I am sure!

– Jennifer A

Hi Blake, got the package today and the belt racks look great.  Thanks again for your speedy service.  Keep up the made in the US way!  I am thrilled to find one more thing I can support that is not made overseas.

– Scott L

Our students love the quality and continue to place orders and buy them!

– Josh P

Thanks for remembering our name – that really means a lot. The boys love their belt racks, & I do to! Thought it was time for Blanton to have his own as well. & we’re not done – next year our youngest boy will start taking classes, so I’m sure you’ll hear from us again! Many thanks,

– Anne

I really do like the arts and craft style.
You did a great job on it.  Looks much nicer than some of the generic and boring belt racks out there from other retailers.

– Joyce

I will definitely recommend you’re business to all of the other students in my class.

– Chris B

I just wanted to let you know we got the belt displays. The belt display looks great!

– Matthew R

Just wanted to let you know that I finally got around to putting up my sons’ belt racks and they look great.  Thanks so much!

– Gloria A

Just wanted to say Thanks so much for your fast customer service….OUTSTANDING!!! & for your fast shipment of the karate belt display rack…just received it today…LOVE IT!!!
Will deff pass your flyers out at the karate studio….Again Many Many
Thanks for the Outstanding customer service….5 Stars….to you:))

– Kim E

Hi Blake,
The belt rack arrived last Friday and it’s Great! Beautifully
crafted and we’re so pleased! We surely will share with others
who may be interested in any of the belt racks. Now we’ll wait
for the reaction from the birthday boy!

Thank you for the fine service along the way!

– Diane S

I am soooo excited…the box arrived today, just as you said and I could not wait to open it……it will be a fantastic gift, just as I expected…thanks for everything…..and Merry Christmas to you and your family…..

– Karen K

Hi Blake—well, my daughter’s belt rack arrived yesterday and it is gorgeous!

– Lisa F

My husband loves the belt rack.  It looks amazing!  We’ll spread the word!

– Melissa Z

Thank you so much , and I will be happy to recommend your company to others in her class.  After they see hers, I am sure they all will want one.

– Patricia B

Mr. Nelson,
I am currently on vacation and wanted to send an e-mail stating that my son loves the belt holder. Thanks so much for the quality work.

– Richard C

Hi Blake,
The belt display turned out wonderful! Thank you so much. Please see attached for a picture of a very satisfied customer!
Best and happy holidays,

– Sarah M

Mr. Blake:
Ordered 2 case belt racks today with special instructions to hold 13 belts each.
Thank you for being able to accomodate this order.
We love our ATA tkd belt racks and the handmade quality!

– Shirley O

Hi Mr.Nelson,
We received the shipment for the Taekwondo Belt rack today.  It is beautiful.

– Sophia L

Hello!  I bought a Songham Taekwondo Belt display from you a few months ago.  I absolutely love it!  I want to buy one for my husband as well, since he liked mine so much.

– Sonja S